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Major Geddy updates (2012-08-23)

Fleegix on Geddy (2012-08-23)

Older programmers with families considered harmful? (2012-02-03)

Logan, client- and server-side JavaScript test runner (2010-07-18)

Geddy models/validations for Node.js (2010-04-27)

What's next is Yammer (2010-04-05)

REST easy with Geddy for Node.js (2010-03-25)

Geddy: Web framework for Node.js (2010-03-16)

Node.js frameworks (2010-03-08)

Reflections of a JS guy on AS3 (2009-08-09)

New gig at Slide, new digs in SF, new ... Python? (2009-06-18)

Fleegix on Sinatra (2009-03-27)

Leaving Seesmic (2009-03-19)

Apple MobileMe using fleegix.date.Date for timezones (2009-02-10)

Fleegix.js and Framework Scanner (2009-02-09)

BOSH and iframe cross-domain pain (2009-01-22)

WTF, global "item" symbol in IE (2008-11-25)

Kerblooey accessing DOMException location property (2008-11-20)

Fleegix.js 0.5.0 released (2008-09-09)

Fleegix.js, the tip of the JavaScript long tail (2008-09-08)

JSLint in Vim through Lynx (2008-09-07)

Windmill revolution! (2008-09-06)

Painless publish/subscribe with YUI custom events (2008-07-29)

Format-specific server errors for your Ajax app using Merb (2008-06-27)

Kicking the tires on SproutCore, not keen on the object literals (2008-06-19)

Comments are back -- die, spammer asshats (2008-06-18)

Alex Russell's talk at Google I/O 2008 -- comments, nits, and a quibble (2008-06-18)

Comments are shut down (2008-06-18)

Up and running with PmpknPi (2008-04-09)

OSAF 2.0 to Seesmic pre-alpha (2008-01-11)

Fleegix.js JavaScript Toolkit 0.4.1 release (2008-01-10)

PHP is the McDonald's of programming languages (2008-01-07)

Rails polymorphic associations and migrations (2008-01-03)

FLOSS Usability Sprint V (2007-11-12)

Test for broken images -- works in Safari (2007-09-30)

MS to deliver Silverlight for Linux (2007-09-06)

BarCamp Houston 2007 (2007-08-29)

JavaScript lazy function definition (2007-08-18)

OSCON 2007 (2007-08-07)

IE background CSS and onclick/onmousedown (2007-08-04)

2007 OSCON-season announcement bonanza (2007-08-04)

Hierarchical forms with fleegix.form (2007-07-12)

Steve Yegge's JavaScript port of Rails (2007-07-05)

JavaScript memory leaks fixed in IE6 on Windows XP (2007-06-25)

Fleegix.js 0.3.2 release (2007-05-21)

Back from San Fran, and tag, I'm 'it' -- Firefox add-ons (2007-04-29)

Down the Python path with Django (2007-04-22)

Fleegix.js, a lightweight JavaScript toolkit (2007-04-11)

JSON, JavaScript, and CSRF security holes (2007-04-05)

MSXML versions and XMLHttpRequest (2007-04-04)

Back from Japan, list o' links (2007-03-30)

Heading to Japan (2007-03-12)

Here we go again, time to save Internet radio (2007-03-05)

Fixed IE7 CSS ugliness (2007-03-02)

Taming the horrid wide Web (2007-02-27)

Fun with the Twitter API -- JavaScript bookmarklets and Ruby (2007-02-24)

Some browser market-share numbers (2007-02-24)

Smile for the Windows Live Local camera (2007-02-19)

Eduneering acquired by Kaplan (2007-02-17)

Mystery of the disappearing cursor/caret (2007-02-14)

JavaScript Date constructor wraparound broken in Safari 2 (2007-02-13)

Steve Yegge: JavaScript is the Chosen One (2007-02-12)

Welcoming Ba-kun, our new Roomba (2007-01-26)

Ongoing JavaScript library discussion (2007-01-21)

Linden Lab open-sources Second Life client (2007-01-09)

Pique, peak, peek (2007-01-05)

Happy new year, final EpiphanyRadio Digg report (2007-01-03)

EpihanyRadio gets Dugg (2006-12-31)

Dave Winer, JSON hater (2006-12-22)

Google votes no on SOAP (2006-12-21)

Interview podcast on Dr. Dobb's (2006-12-16)

I'm number four! (2006-12-14)

YUI Theater (2006-12-07)

RJS in reverse -- JRS? (2006-11-25)

Opera article on efficient JavaScript (2006-11-17)

Second Life drama -- tier increases and CopyBot (2006-11-16)

XDate: JavaScript dates with real timezone support (2006-11-04)

Cosmo 0.5 released (2006-11-03)

Arrays and instanceof with iframe (2006-10-27)

Dojo 0.4.0 released (2006-10-24)

XMLHttpRequest and 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) error (2006-10-21)

Typo upgrade (2006-10-04)

Update for JavaScript form serializer (2006-09-27)

Mighty Men & Monster Maker (2006-09-25)

Yahoo Ruby Developer Center (2006-09-22)

Steve Yegge on programming for the browser (2006-09-22)

Transparent PNG in the Cosmo calendar UI (2006-09-21)

Tim Bray has some XML issues in Ruby (2006-09-13)

The new Ruby language site (2006-09-12)

MooTools library's Web-based download builder (2006-09-11)

Breezy Nihongo -- Japanese input in Ubuntu Breezy (2006-09-01)

Associated Content article on EpiphanyRadio (2006-09-01)

OSAF hiring a Web UI developer (2006-08-29)

Fake Steve Blog (2006-08-28)

'Jibe' vs. 'jive' (2006-08-26)

HaXe universal programming language (2006-08-25)

Multi-select for JavaScript form serialization (2006-08-25)

Second Life and avatars (2006-08-22)

DDOS spam attack on EpiphanyRadio (2006-08-11)

Label placement with Web form elements (2006-08-06)

OSCON 2006 (2006-08-04)

Blogging at SitePoint (2006-08-04)

Joel on JavaScript (2006-08-02)

JSON is a Web standard -- RFC 4627 (2006-08-01)

Steve Yegge: Web apps will 'win' (2006-07-24)

Speak JavaScript or die (2006-07-21)

'Flesh out' vs. 'flush out' (2006-07-17)

Form input buttons and the box model (2006-07-15)

Mac switchers -- to Ubuntu (2006-07-05)

Spoo on YouTube (2006-07-04)

Scrambled eggs 'round midnight (2006-07-03)

BYOAWA Errata/Comments, Part 1 (2006-06-30)

Rails with Ruby from source on Ubuntu Breezy (2006-06-22)

Tasty Ruby-on-Rails Kool Aid (2006-06-18)

Ajax book launch (2006-06-16)

Table cellpadding and cellspacing with DOM methods (2006-06-16)

A sentence you don't type every day (2006-06-02)

Getting the scrollbar width in pixels (2006-05-31)

Vitamin article on serving JavaScript fast (2006-05-24)

CSS position and width in percents (2006-05-18)

The Ajax Experience conference (2006-05-18)

IE6 radio buttons with DOM (2006-04-30)

Tiling and a sparse matrix (2006-04-18)

PHP scalability at Jobby and Digg (2006-04-13)

Event overlap in Scooby (2006-04-11)

Merlyn's date and time resources (2006-04-10)

Yet another DST-switchover gotcha (2006-04-09)

Round trip from Evo to Scooby (2006-02-24)

A nice little surprise (2006-02-24)

JavaScript timezone tastiness (2006-02-13)

Joel on AJAX Calendars (2006-02-10)

IE7 Breakdown (2006-02-06)

XHR ... still has that letter 'X' (2006-02-04)

Thick or thin clients for AJAX (2006-02-02)

AJAX book for SitePoint (2006-01-30)

Upgrading to Breezy and E17 (2006-01-27)

An eventful day (2006-01-19)

JavaScript <code>DateAdd</code> and <code>DateDiff</code> (2006-01-10)

Revisionist AJAX History (2006-01-10)

Feeling the table love (2006-01-09)

Inspirational Friday (2005-12-23)

Let the Web 2.0 backlash ... against the backlash ... begin (2005-12-22)

AJAX Conference -- "The AJAX Experience" (2005-12-21)

AJAX devs: client- or server-side? (2005-12-15)

Obligatory AJAX (2005-12-13)

Web 2.0 software survey (2005-12-13)

Applying AJAX (2005-12-07)

When to comment code (2005-11-30)

This one goes to 2.0 (2005-11-26)

Bringing a tear to my eye (2005-11-23)

Ruby CGI with DBI (2005-11-21)

AJAX/JavaScript libraries roundup (2005-11-15)

Cross-domain AJAX requests (2005-11-07)

AJAX, AJAX, everywhere (2005-11-05)

Missing dateAdd, dateDiff (2005-11-03)

JavaScript <code>strftime</code> (2005-10-26)

Layin' it out old skool (2005-10-22)

Firefox opacity irritation (2005-10-19)

Multithreadedness and DOM-node madness (2005-10-18)

Degradeable AJAX (2005-10-06)

Ubuntu de Nihongo ga ... (2005-10-03)

Jedi mind-tricks? (2005-10-02)

Escape from Houston (2005-09-26)

Microsoft Office 12 Video (2005-09-21)

Fleegix on FastCGI (2005-09-14)

Fun with data islands (2005-09-13)

A public spanking (2005-09-11)

Finally, Typo (2005-09-09)

The old-fashioned way (2005-09-06)

Surprise, surprise (2005-09-02)

Memory leakage in IE (2005-09-02)

Scooby steps (2005-09-01)

Prototype WTF (2005-08-25)

Kind of a weird feeling (2005-08-25)

Fleegix.org goes live (2005-08-24)


This is the blog for Matthew Eernisse. I currently work at Yammer as a developer, working mostly with JavaScript. All opinions expressed here are my own, not my employer's.


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