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2010-04-05 20:16:00

I've just come back from a meeting at the offices of my new employer, Yammer, Inc. I've accepted a position there as Senior Front-End Engineer, doing development work primarily in JavaScript and Ruby.

I start next week, after enjoying a little family time this week -- coincidentally it's spring break for my boys.

For those who don't know, Yammer is a microblogging service for the enterprise. Think Twitter, or Facebook's News Feed, but for use in businesses.

Yammer is an excellent fit -- I've been a heavy user of microblogging and 'activity streams' since the fairly early days of Twitter.

It's easy to see the impact this new medium of communication has had on people's personal lives. I'm looking forward to helping invent how it impacts people in the the workplace.

The Yammer office is at Townsend and 5th in downtown San Franciso, very near South Park and the baseball stadium, so my commute remains a breezy 15-minutes up 280.

If you happen to find yourself in that part of town, hit me up -- I'd love to go have lunch.


miles (2010-04-06)

so what does this new employment mean for the future of geddy ?

your blogs seem to follow exactly what we are wondering. We really like Sinatra but want ot move to node.js do to 1) same language on client, server, 2) speed, 3) interfacing with ajax,

but we are experiencing same feelings – which node.js frameworks will be the winners, which mimic Sinatra simplicity & cleanliness while using javascript in it’s realm and not trying to convert it to ruby code

mde (2010-04-07)

@miles—I’m going to be hacking on Geddy for the foreseeable future, no matter where I work. :) Patches are of course appreciated too. I’ll be watching for GitHub forks to see what if anything people do with it.

I like the simplicity of Sinatra, but with Geddy I want to build something that allows development of more complex apps—without letting the framework get bloated. Performance, simplicity, modularity are the main goals. Very similar to early Merb, before it became an organ-donor for Rails. :)

The main challenges I can see from here are 1. letting JavaScript be JavaScript - not just mindlessly porting Ruby or Python APIs and 2. handling Node’s async/callback-based approach in a way that allows developers to keep their code simple.

Marcus Westin (2010-04-06)

Congrats man! Best of luck at yammer – I’m a big fan :)

teepark (2010-04-05)

hey, congrats man!

I frequently find myself in that part of town – we should definitely hang out :)

admc (2010-04-05)

W00t, congrats! Let me know when your up for the standard 2:30 PM lunch run.

Fritzy (2010-04-05)

Very cool! It is a small world after all, to see you and Adam Pisoni working together! With that combination, we’re sure to see some cool things!

bear (2010-04-06)

Wow – that is great news! Congrats on the new gig!

Marc (2010-04-06)

Awesome, you’ll be right next to Philz…we can meet for coffee!


This is the blog for Matthew Eernisse. I currently work at Yammer as a developer, working mostly with JavaScript. All opinions expressed here are my own, not my employer's.


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